LLP partners with 130+ agencies in King County. To participate in this program, ask your service provider if their organization is a current LLP partner. This program does not accept self-referrals.

Are you homeless and struggling to find housing because of something in your past? Do you find yourself applying to apartment after apartment and are continually denied even though you can afford to pay the rent?

  • Assistance finding units that will work with your rental barriers
  • Agency guidance through the application process and help with appeals
  • Opportunity to apply for financial assistance with screening fees, move in costs, short term rental assistance or eviction prevention
  • Training opportunities on how to be a good tenant

Tenant Story – Alena

In 2013, Alena was homeless with her two young boys. She had made multiple applications to local landlords, but her past substance abuse problems and criminal history meant that every landlord turned her down.

After connecting with LLP, Alena saw a rental listing on Craigslist and sent an email to the landlord. "I was frustrated with searching and being rejected and thought the only way I can do this was just to lay it all out there. Here’s my challenges, but this is what I’ve done since — that I had gone to drug and alcohol treatment, I had gone back to school, and here’s the Landlord Liaison Project that’s willing to stand by me, and would you please give me a chance."

The impact on her life, and her family, has been enormous. Alena is deeply grateful to LLP and the landlord who took a chance on her. "Having a stable home changed everything. Now I’m in graduate school and my son’s going to go to college. We’re not stressed anymore, we’re happy, and that’s just been a huge thing for us."

What is the Landlord Liaison Project?

The King County Landlord Liaison Project (LLP) is a partnership among landlords and property managers, participating service providers, and people with barriers to accessing housing. The goal of LLP is to successfully house homeless individuals and families who could not otherwise access housing due to rental barriers.  Participating landlords agree to apply alternative screening criteria to applicants referred for housing through this program. In exchange, participating agencies will provide continuing support services to LLP tenants and will rapidly respond to landlords’ concerns. These services ensure that tenants and landlords receive support and assistance to sustain thriving tenancies and communities.

How can I become an LLP client?

LLP partners with 130+ programs and community service providers; please ask your service provider if they are a program partner.