• YWCA is ending operation of the Landlord Liaison Project June 30.
  • Landlord Liaison Project is accepting applications for clients through May 1.
  • A new program to connect and support property owners and tenants will launch in June 2017. Check the All Home website for updates.


U-District Conversation on Homelessness tackles role of eviction

- - – Larry Todd of the Landlord Liaison Project, proposed working one-on-one with the landlord in order to provide reassurance, moving toward the indiscriminative goal of providing housing for tenants from a variety of backgrounds. “The landlord is taking a huge risk when they’re handing over a set of keys,” Todd said. “We want to work with landlords and explore one-on-one. Let’s try one tenant, let’s see how this works out.”

How Zillow and other Seattle-area tech ventures are tackling homelessness and housing issues

- - - Zillow’s Community Pillar program makes it easier for people with less-than-stellar housing applications to find landlords and property managers more inclined to rent to them. “Being able to find landlords in a market that is competitive, who are willing to look at lower screening criteria … it’s a high, high need in King County,” said Larry Todd, who does outreach work with landlords through the nonprofit YWCA Landlord Liaison Project.


The Landlord Liaison Project was developed by the Committee to End Homelessness in King County and is funded by the City of Seattle, King County and the United Way of King County. The program is managed by YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish.

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